Silicon Labs Machine Learning Toolkit (MLTK)


This package is considered EXPERIMENTAL - SILICON LABS DOES NOT OFFER ANY WARRANTIES AND DISCLAIMS ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES CONCERNING THIS SOFTWARE. This package is made available as a self-serve reference supported only by the on-line documentation, and community support. There are no Silicon Labs support services for this software at this time.

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This is a Python package with command-line utilities and scripts to aid the development of machine learning models for Silicon Lab’s embedded platforms.

The features of this Python package include:

Refer to Why MLTK? for more details on the benefits of using the MLTK.


Just want to quickly profile a model to see how fast it can run on an embedded target?
See the Model Profiler Utility



Install the pre-built Python package:

pip  install silabs-mltk
pip3 install silabs-mltk

Or, build and install the Python package from Github:

pip  install git+
pip3 install git+

Refer to the Installation Guide for more details on how to install the MLTK.

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