C++ Python WrappersΒΆ

The MLTK supports C++ development and comes with several C++ Python wrappers.

C++ Python wrappers are C++ libraries that have an additional interface which enables them to be invoked from a Python script. This allows for sharing source code between embedded targets and host model training scripts.

The Python wrappers use PyBind11 to manage converting data between Python and C++.

The source code for the wrappers may be found on Github at mltk/cpp

The following wrappers are available:

  • Audio Feature Generator - Allows for sharing spectrogram generation algorithms between model training scripts and embedded targets

  • Tensorflow-Lite Micro - Allows for running Tensorflow-Lite Micro interpreter from Python

  • MVP Kernels - Allows for running MVP hardware accelerated Tensorflow-Lite Micro kernels from Python