View a model’s graph in an interactive visualizer.

Additional Documentation


 Usage: mltk view [OPTIONS] <model>                                            
 View an interactive graph of the given model in a webbrowser                  
 This is based on the utility:                              
 For more details see:                                                                
 # View pre-trained Keras model                                                
 mltk view image_example1                                                      
 # View pre-trained tflite model                                               
 mltk view image_example1 --tflite                                             
 # View provided .tflite model file                                            
 mltk view ~/workspace/my_model.tflite                                         
 # Generate the .tflite then view it                                           
 # MLTK model image_example1 need not be trained first                         
 mltk view image_example1 --tflite --build                                     
 *    model      <model>  One of the following:                              
                          - Path to .tflite model file                       
                          - Path to .h5 model file                           
                          - Name of MLTK model                               
                          - Path to model's archive (              
                          - Path to MLTK model's python script               
                          [default: None]                                    

 --tflite                   View the .tflite model file in the MLTK model's  
                            archive, or if the --build option is given,      
                            generate .tflite file before viewing             
 --build    -b              Build the  model rather than loading from a      
                            pre-trained file in the MLTK model archive       
 --host     -h      <host>  Local interface to start HTTP server             
                            [default: None]                                  
 --port     -p      <port>  Listen port of HTTP server used to view graph    
                            [default: 8080]                                  
 --verbose  -v              Enable verbose console logs                      
 --help                     Show this message and exit.