UART Stream Data Test

This tests the various data input/output features of the UartStream library.

This contains both a firmware application plus Python script.

Both work together to stream data across the UART.

See the source code for this example on Github: cpp/shared/uart_stream/examples/data_test

Setup Steps

0 ) See the MLTK C++ Development Docs for setting up your environment

NOTE: The application needs to be built for embedded

1 ) Connect a supported development board (e.g. BRD2601B) to your PC

2 ) Create or modify the file:

<mltk repo root>/user_options.cmake

and add the following:

mltk_set(MLTK_TARGET mltk_uart_stream_data_test)

mltk_set(MLTK_PLATFORM_NAME brd2601) # Change this to your platform's name as necessary

3 ) Invoke the CMake target: mltk_uart_stream_data_test_download

which will build the firmware application and program it to the development board.

4 ) Run the Python script (from the MLTK Python virtual environment):


This will stream and verify data transferred between the dev board and Python script

using the UartStream library.