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util.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Utility Functions for the Thunderboard Sense.



Copyright 2016 Silicon Laboratories, Inc. http://www.silabs.com

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Definition in file util.h.

#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>

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#define UTIL_SUPPLY_TYPE_CR2032   4


void UTIL_delay (uint32_t ms)
 Delays number of msTick Systicks (1 ms) More...
uint32_t UTIL_init (void)
 Sets up the SysTick timer for 1ms interrupts and initializes and starts the RTC timer. More...
bool UTIL_isLowPower (void)
 Checks if the current power supply has low power capability. More...
void UTIL_shutdown (void)
 Enter lowest power shutdown mode, EM4S. More...
void UTIL_sleep (uint32_t ms)
 Delays number of milliseconds in sleep mode (EM2) using the RTC. More...
uint32_t UTIL_sleepInit (void)
 Sets up the RTC timer used for sleep functions. More...
void UTIL_supplyGetCharacteristics (uint8_t *type, float *voltage, float *ir)
 Retrieves the supply characteristic variables. More...
uint8_t UTIL_supplyGetType (void)
 Returns the type of the power supply. More...
void UTIL_supplyProbe (void)
 Probes the connected supply and determines its type. The results are stored in global variables. More...
uint32_t UTIL_waitForEvent (uint32_t timeout)
 Delays number of milliseconds in sleep mode (EM2) using the RTC but but returns if an event wakes up the MCU. More...