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em_emu.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Energy management unit (EMU) peripheral API.



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Definition in file em_emu.h.

#include "em_device.h"
#include <stdbool.h>
#include "em_bus.h"

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Data Structures

struct  EMU_DCDCInit_TypeDef
struct  EMU_EM23Init_TypeDef
struct  EMU_EM4Init_TypeDef
struct  EMU_VmonHystInit_TypeDef
struct  EMU_VmonInit_TypeDef


#define emuDcdcLnFastTransient   160
#define emuDcdcLnHighEfficiency   -1


typedef int16_t EMU_DcdcLnReverseCurrentControl_TypeDef


enum  EMU_BiasMode_TypeDef {
enum  EMU_BODMode_TypeDef {
enum  EMU_DcdcAnaPeripheralPower_TypeDef {
  emuDcdcAnaPeripheralPower_AVDD = EMU_PWRCTRL_ANASW_AVDD,
  emuDcdcAnaPeripheralPower_DCDC = EMU_PWRCTRL_ANASW_DVDD
enum  EMU_DcdcConductionMode_TypeDef {
enum  EMU_DcdcLnCompCtrl_TypeDef {
enum  EMU_DcdcLnRcoBand_TypeDef {
  emuDcdcLnRcoBand_3MHz = 0,
  emuDcdcLnRcoBand_4MHz = 1,
  emuDcdcLnRcoBand_5MHz = 2,
  emuDcdcLnRcoBand_6MHz = 3,
  emuDcdcLnRcoBand_7MHz = 4,
  emuDcdcLnRcoBand_8MHz = 5,
  emuDcdcLnRcoBand_9MHz = 6,
  emuDcdcLnRcoBand_10MHz = 7
enum  EMU_DcdcMode_TypeDef {
enum  EMU_EM4PinRetention_TypeDef {
  emuPinRetentionDisable = EMU_EM4CTRL_EM4IORETMODE_DISABLE,
  emuPinRetentionEm4Exit = EMU_EM4CTRL_EM4IORETMODE_EM4EXIT,
enum  EMU_EM4State_TypeDef {
  emuEM4Hibernate = EMU_EM4CTRL_EM4STATE_EM4H,
enum  EMU_PowerConfig_TypeDef { emuPowerConfig_DcdcToDvdd }
enum  EMU_VmonChannel_TypeDef {


void EMU_DCDCConductionModeSet (EMU_DcdcConductionMode_TypeDef conductionMode, bool rcoDefaultSet)
 Set DCDC LN regulator conduction mode. More...
bool EMU_DCDCInit (const EMU_DCDCInit_TypeDef *dcdcInit)
 Configure DCDC regulator. More...
void EMU_DCDCLnRcoBandSet (EMU_DcdcLnRcoBand_TypeDef band)
 Set DCDC Low-noise RCO band. More...
void EMU_DCDCModeSet (EMU_DcdcMode_TypeDef dcdcMode)
 Set DCDC regulator operating mode. More...
void EMU_DCDCOptimizeSlice (uint32_t em0LoadCurrent_mA)
 Optimize DCDC slice count based on the estimated average load current in EM0. More...
bool EMU_DCDCOutputVoltageSet (uint32_t mV, bool setLpVoltage, bool setLnVoltage)
 Set DCDC output voltage. More...
bool EMU_DCDCPowerOff (void)
 Power off the DCDC regulator. More...
void EMU_EM23Init (const EMU_EM23Init_TypeDef *em23Init)
 Update EMU module with Energy Mode 2 and 3 configuration. More...
__STATIC_INLINE void EMU_EM2Block (void)
 Block entering EM2 or higher number energy modes.
__STATIC_INLINE void EMU_EM2UnBlock (void)
 Unblock entering EM2 or higher number energy modes.
void EMU_EM4Init (const EMU_EM4Init_TypeDef *em4Init)
 Update EMU module with Energy Mode 4 configuration. More...
__STATIC_INLINE void EMU_EnterEM1 (void)
 Enter energy mode 1 (EM1).
void EMU_EnterEM2 (bool restore)
 Enter energy mode 2 (EM2). More...
void EMU_EnterEM3 (bool restore)
 Enter energy mode 3 (EM3). More...
void EMU_EnterEM4 (void)
 Enter energy mode 4 (EM4). More...
void EMU_EnterEM4H (void)
 Enter energy mode 4 hibernate (EM4H). More...
void EMU_EnterEM4S (void)
 Enter energy mode 4 shutoff (EM4S). More...
__STATIC_INLINE void EMU_IntClear (uint32_t flags)
 Clear one or more pending EMU interrupts. More...
__STATIC_INLINE void EMU_IntDisable (uint32_t flags)
 Disable one or more EMU interrupts. More...
__STATIC_INLINE void EMU_IntEnable (uint32_t flags)
 Enable one or more EMU interrupts. More...
__STATIC_INLINE uint32_t EMU_IntGet (void)
 Get pending EMU interrupt flags. More...
__STATIC_INLINE uint32_t EMU_IntGetEnabled (void)
 Get enabled and pending EMU interrupt flags. Useful for handling more interrupt sources in the same interrupt handler. More...
__STATIC_INLINE void EMU_IntSet (uint32_t flags)
 Set one or more pending EMU interrupts. More...
__STATIC_INLINE void EMU_Lock (void)
 Lock the EMU in order to protect its registers against unintended modification. More...
void EMU_MemPwrDown (uint32_t blocks)
 Power down memory block. More...
__STATIC_INLINE void EMU_PowerLock (void)
 Lock the EMU regulator control registers in order to protect against unintended modification.
__STATIC_INLINE void EMU_PowerUnlock (void)
 Unlock the EMU power control registers so that writing to locked registers again is possible.
void EMU_RamPowerDown (uint32_t start, uint32_t end)
 Power down RAM memory blocks. More...
void EMU_Restore (void)
 Restore CMU HF clock select state, oscillator enable and voltage scaling (if available) after EMU_EnterEM2() or EMU_EnterEM3() are called with the restore parameter set to false. Calling this function is equivalent to calling EMU_EnterEM2() or EMU_EnterEM3() with the restore parameter set to true, but it allows the application to evaluate the wakeup reason before restoring state.
void EMU_SetBiasMode (EMU_BiasMode_TypeDef mode)
 Adjust the bias refresh rate. More...
__STATIC_INLINE void EMU_UnlatchPinRetention (void)
 When EM4 pin retention is set to emuPinRetentionLatch, then pins are retained through EM4 entry and wakeup. The pin state is released by calling this function. The feature allows peripherals or GPIO to be re-initialized after EM4 exit (reset), and when the initialization is done, this function can release pins and return control to the peripherals or GPIO.
__STATIC_INLINE void EMU_Unlock (void)
 Unlock the EMU so that writing to locked registers again is possible.
void EMU_UpdateOscConfig (void)
 Update EMU module with CMU oscillator selection/enable status. More...
bool EMU_VmonChannelStatusGet (EMU_VmonChannel_TypeDef channel)
 Get the status of a voltage monitor channel. More...
void EMU_VmonEnable (EMU_VmonChannel_TypeDef channel, bool enable)
 Enable or disable a VMON channel. More...
void EMU_VmonHystInit (const EMU_VmonHystInit_TypeDef *vmonInit)
 Initialize VMON channel with hysteresis (separate rise and fall triggers). More...
void EMU_VmonInit (const EMU_VmonInit_TypeDef *vmonInit)
 Initialize VMON channel. More...
__STATIC_INLINE bool EMU_VmonStatusGet (void)
 Get the status of the voltage monitor (VMON). More...